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1.      Objectives of the Pony Division:

1.1         Continue to build players’ skills and game knowledge.

1.2         Introduce players, coaches and parents to the concepts of:

  • Unlimited runs per inning
  • Position Specific Training

1.3         Having Fun!

2.       SAFETY

2.1         Shoes with metal cleats are allowed.

2.2       Protective hard cups are required for all male players.            

2.3         Players are to remain in the dugout behind the fence, unless they are on defense, up to bat or the on deck batter.

2.4         Managers and coaches must stay in the dugout unless they are a base coach or time is called.

2.5         Players are not allowed to leave the playing field once the game begins without permission from the umpire.

2.6         Base coaches under the age of 18 must wear a protective batting helmet

2.7         A base runner is automatically out and subject to ejection if in the Umpire's judgment:

  • He/she fails to slide which results in a hard collision at any base other than 1st, when the ball arrives simultaneously with or before the runner.
  • He/she slides "with cleats high" carelessly or attempts to intimidate or injure a defensive player in any way.
  • He/she purposely attempts to dislodge a ball from a defensive player other than by a slide.

2.8         Defensive players may not block the progress of a runner without possession of the ball. To do so is "defensive interference" and should be ruled as such by the Umpire.

2.9         Batter throwing the bat (non-sportsmanlike infractions) - For safety reasons, a player may be removed from a game by the Umpire (non-ejection) for multiple offenses of throwing the bat.

  • The umpire must first issue a warning to the player for throwing the bat. The umpire may remove the player from the game for a subsequent infraction during the game.
  • An umpire cannot declare a player “out” for throwing the bat. If a ball is put in play, the umpire must allow all play to stop then take appropriate action. A substitute runner may be used to replace a player removed from the game under this safety provision.
  • The removed players batting spot shall be skipped over without penalty for the remainder of the game

A player removed from the game under this provision shall not be considered ejected from the game and shall not be subject to additional game suspensions.


3.1          No more than one manager and two coaches are allowed on the field during games. There must be one manager/coach in the dugout at all times.

3.2          Once the game begins, managers and coaches are not allowed to leave the playing field without permission from the umpire. Umpires may remove managers or coaches from the game who leave the field without permission.

3.3         Coaches may alternate in the dugout during a game. However, should a manager or coach be ejected or be removed from the game, the team shall complete play with one less manager/coach

3.4       Managers and coaches are permitted to “warm-up” players and pitchers.


4.1         There is no live batting practice on the game fields. Soft toss into a net, whiff balls and hitting sticks are permitted. Helmets must be worn by all players participating in pre-game batting drills.

4.2         Starting line-ups must be submitted to the scorekeeper at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the game. Lineups shall list the player’s number, last name, first initial, and position. Managers will also exchange line-up at home plate prior to the start of the game.

1.1         Defensive Substitutions:   9 Players on Defense. Free Defensive substitution.

4.3      Playing time for games will be 7 innings. An official game is 5 innings (4 innings before Daylight Saving Time).  No new inning shall be started after 2 hours 15 mins. Drop Dead Time is 2 hours 30 mins.                                                             

  • Time limits will be based upon actual start times as designated by the umpire. The official scorekeeper shall record the start time of the game as indicated by the umpire.
  • No time-limit can be enforced until a game has become “official.” Should a time limit be reached before the minimum innings have been played, it shall continue until it has reached “official” status.
  • The “Buzzer” shall determine drop dead time for evening games, when innings or time limits have not been fulfilled yet.
  • When the Home team is not able to complete their at-bats when behind after a game has become “official” the score shall revert back to the previously completed inning.
  • At the discretion of the Board, time limits may be modified or removed for purposed of tournament play

4.4         There is no inning run limit in the Bronco Division

4.5         There is a 10 run mercy rule after 5 complete innings. (4 ½ if the home team is up by 10 runs.)

4.6         Suspended Games are defined as:

  • Any game stopped before it has become “official” (curfew, weather, darkness, etc.)

4.7         Suspended games shall be resumed on the next available day  from the point of suspension and played until

a)      If resuming from before the time limit, the time limit is reached and the score is not tied – or –

b)      If resuming from beyond the time limit, until 5 or more complete innings have been played and the score is not tied.

“Suspended” games must be completed before the two teams can begin a new game between themselves.

4.8         Protests

  • All protests must be submitted in accordance with the PONY Rule: 19-PROTESTS.
  • Properly submitted protests will be decided upon by a decisions committee


5.1         Minimum Defensive Playing Time: Each player must play at least 3 innings in the field.  An “inning” is defined as three outs.

  • Minimum playing time rules do not apply to players that arrive after the game has started.
  • Minimum playing time rules are not enforceable for games halted before 6 defensive innings are completed.

5.2         Defensive playing time will be tracked on the Player Position Sheet and turned into the Official scorekeeper at the end of the game.

5.3         The Manager will be suspended if any player does not receive the minimum defensive playing time. Any player not receiving the minimum defensive playing times shall play the next game in its entirety.

5.4         Exceptions may be made if communicated with and approved by the Player Agent.

5.5         Coaches may be subject to disciplinary action imposed by the WGGYB Board for multiple and/or intentional violations of the minimum defensive playing time rule. 


6.1         Throwing one pitch to a batter constitutes one inning pitched.

6.2         Pitchers must be removed from the game after throwing:

  • 50 pitches in a single inning –or
  • 95 pitches in a calendar day

Exception: If a pitcher reaches a limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until: (1) that batter completes his/her at bat; or, (2) The third out is made to complete the half-inning.

6.3         For required rest period, (1) day will be 24hr after the official start time of the game. Each additional day of required rest will require another 24hr of rest. Example: if a 10yr old pitcher pitched in a game that started at 5pm on Wednesday and pitched max 75 pitches he would need (4) days rest, he would not be eligible to pitch until after 5pm on Sunday.

6.4         MLB Pitch smart table will be used for rest period

6.5         Pitches must be thrown to a batter in order to issue an “intentional” walk

6.6        The Manager will be suspended for violating pitching rules.

  • Exceptions may be made if communicated with and approved by the division commissioner.

6.7         Coaches may be subject to disciplinary action imposed by the WGGYB Board for multiple and/or intentional violations of the maximum pitching restrictions.


7.1         A continuous batting order will be used for all games

7.2         Any player injured or absent must be declared so prior to the start of the game by the Manager.

7.3         Any player that becomes unable to bat due to injury, illness, or other reason during the game, will have his/her batting position skipped for the remainder of the game without penalty.

  • Once a batter’s position is skipped during a game, that player may not participate on defense or offense for the remainder of the game.

7.4         Any player that arrives after the game has started may be added to the bottom of the line-up and bat for the remainder of the game.


8.1         A pinch-runner may be used for any player on base that is injured during the course of a play.

  • This player shall remain in the game until his/her batting position is skipped, at which time the player may not participate in the game further
  • Any player removed for a pinch runner a second time in the same game may not participate in the game further

8.2      The designated “pinch-runner” shall be the last player to have batted that is not currently on base.

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